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Creating Contrast With Purple Curtains

Le 18 novembre 2017, 04:23 dans Humeurs 0

When it comes to window treatments, you don’t have to be stuck with one type or color. There’s a lot of solutions that you can pursue in this arena. Before you settle on any given solution, take into consideration whether you want blinds or you want curtains. These are the two major options that people want to pursue in today’s interior design front. If you’re going to go with curtains, instead of blinds, that’s ok, you’ll just have to figure out how to blend and contrast certain things. For instance, if you want to put up purple curtains, you’re going to want to take a few things into consideration before you purchase them.

Measuring Things Right

The very first thing that you should do before you buy anything is simple, measure the opening you have. You have to measure things appropriately. Do not just go with the length and width. Think about the depth, and think about how you want these to hang. Many times, people forget to consider the depth of the window openings that they have. It’s something that you cannot dismiss outright, so take your tape measurer and focus on several components, in contrast to the purple curtains that you want to buy.

Cute Purple Bear Polyester Blackout Curtains

Adding Mixed Colors

You can always go with one solid solution. If you want to just have a wall of purple, that’s ok. But you will no doubt run into complications in regards to complementing the color. How will you push the boundaries with furnishings and more? Furniture is important, as well as carpeting, rugs, and more. When you have a great deal of purple in place, you have to go in line with the lighting and function that comes through with these in place. Adding and mixing colors is a good way to test what you can do with the design of your home’s most prominent spaces.

When In Doubt, Try Several Options

If you’re not sure how to contrast different colors, specifically purple curtains, make sure that you test several out. You may be surprised by the different shades of purple that you can try, and how they can blend with others. For instance, greens, blacks, whites, and even cream colors can add a touch of contrast to what you’re doing. So long as you test things out, you may very well fall in love with a curtain style and color that you previously thought wasn’t going to be easy to move forward with.

purple curtains

The advantages of using basement curtains

Le 3 août 2017, 05:18 dans Humeurs 0

People usually pay more attention to the curtains of our bedroom or living room and so on, but seldom talk about the basement curtains. They will not pay attention to the basement, let alone the basement curtains. The basements are mainly used to be shops. Actually, it is lucky for you to have a basement. Basement is a cool place that is suitable for the summer. Some people will lent it to other peoples for living or selling. In all, once there are window, we have to choose the basement curtains which can protect the privacy and safety effectively.

Blackout window curtains of Striped Line Patterns

The basement curtains are mainly made of thin and light fabrics. The size of basement curtains are usually smaller than common window curtains. In summer, it can block the strong light and make the basement cool and comfortable. In winter, you can choose the heavy and thick basement curtain to maintain the indoor temperature stable and give people a warm feeling. You can save the cost of heating. If you want to decorate your basement in a traditional style, then you may as well choose the long basement curtains to make the whole environment more different and elegant. And the window will look larger to a certain of extent.

basement curtains

There are many colors of basement curtains. You can choose the black basement curtains if you want get a perfect blackout rate. But it will make your basement more dark and shallow. Then, you can choose the light color, which can brighten the visual effect and give people a peaceful space. The blind curtains is a good choice. They can be made of bamboo or cloth fabrics. In all, style is important, and function is also necessary.

Advantage of nautical curtain for home decoration

Le 11 juillet 2017, 04:15 dans Humeurs 0

There are to many curtain materials and curtain patterns in the curtain market. A classification from curtain experts on curtain pattern includes geometric pattern, variety patterned curtain and striped pattern, etc. Here we are going to share you the advantages of those striped nautical curtain.


People love sea for which is full of mystery and calm representation. Sea is broad and can be an imagination place. For this reason, there are lots of products are related to sea meaning in our life. Nautical curtain is great idea for home decoration which bring you the sea around you.

Nautical curtain

Nautical striped curtain is good item to make room look more higher in visual. The building maker shorten the building height than the pass, people feel room full of pressure when staying in the room. Modern curtain in somehow can make ceiling higher than its actual height.

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